Arjun A. Dhingra

NMLS# 310874

Team USA co-head coach

National Taekwon-do Team

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For the last 4 World Championships for TaeKwon-Do, Arjun has been serving as the co-head coach for Team USA.  Working with athletes all across the country, he considers this a great privilege and opportunity to give back to the art that gave him opportunities to succeed as an athlete.  “Coaching athletes and guiding clients have a lot of similar energies.  Both moving towards something, trying to attain or achieve and navigate through challenges along the way with my help.  I am just as competitive with my clients in trying to help them WIN as I am with the athletes I coach.  The focus and intensity levels don’t really vary.”

Sales & Business Development

2 Time Taekwon-do World Champion

(2007 & 2014)

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Arjun first qualified to represent Team USA in 2007 for the London games.  He was fortunate to prevail in the World Championships and win his first gold medal in the 5th Degree Black Belt section.  After falling short in Ottawa in 2012, he won a second gold medal during the World Championships in Rome 2014 in the 6th Degree section.   He was the only American during that span to win as a adult in two separate ranking categories and was the first Indian-American TaeKwon-Do athlete to medal at multiple world championships.